The review procedure

All articles submitted for publication in FSP are subject to a double-blind peer review procedure. The review procedure carried out at FSP meets the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Here is a step-by-step description of our peer review procedure:

  1. The Assistant to the Editors at FSP receives your article (
  2. Your article is read by the FSP staff. At this stage we check whether your text meets our basic requirements, e.g. we make sure that it has all the necessary references and that it follows our layout requirements. If the FSP staff have no objections to the above, they choose the text’s future reviewers.
  3. An anonymized version of your text is sent to two anonymous referees, who do not know your particulars and will not know them until the article is published. When choosing referees for a particular article we make sure that there is no conflict of interest between the author and either of the reviewers.
  4. The referees send their reviews of your text to the Editors. On the basis of the reviews FSP’s Editors decide whether your article can be published in our journal. If the two referee’s reviews and opinions on the article vary significantly from each other, a third review may be required.
  5. You receive anonymized versions of the reviews, often along with the Editors’ guidelines as to what adjustments need to be made (if any).
  6. You send the final version of your text to the Assistant to the Editors.
  7. If there are no further objections to the article’s content, FSP’s Technical Editors prepare the final version of your article.
  8. You receive the final version of your article for a final proof reading and acceptation.
  9. Your article is published in FSP.